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contract reviewFor healthcare organizations, working with insurance companies is essential for maximizing revenue but it can be complex. Providers want to provide the most comprehensive care for their patients while earning a living, and payers want to control healthcare costs in order to provide their consumers with competitive plans. Navigating this relationship requires dedicated time, strong analytics, and organized processes. Let Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors help you through these complicated processes.

We provide assistance with contract reviews and fee negotiations, helping healthcare providers ensure that they are in contracts that benefit their business and their patients. Fee negotiations ensure fair compensation, while regular reviews of your fees and contracts help maintain competitive rates for your specialty.

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Do You Need Contract Review and Fee Negotiation Services?

Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors works with clients nationwide to maximize revenue and negotiate with payers to help implement a strategic change for success.

It is important for healthcare organizations to perform periodic reviews of payer contracts to ensure providers are receiving optimal reimbursement for their services and to consider taking advantage of alternative payment models. The terms of your payer contracts should support your mission and goals while ensuring optimized rates.

Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors has extensive expertise in the analysis of payer fee schedules and the detailed review of payer contract language for providers across many specialties. Armed with this powerful information, LHA can assist you with successful contract negotiations and prevent you from getting stuck in an unfavorable contract.

Our Contract Review and Fee Negotiation Services

We provide consulting services that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs. During an initial consultation, we’ll work to understand your core business modalities and areas where you are not receiving fair compensation. The contract review and fee negotiation services we offer include all of the following:

  • Comprehensive contract review – We look at all aspects of your contracts, from the first line to the fine print
  • Contract language analysis to ensure optimal terms for providers – The way contracts are worded can be complicated, but our team has experience in cutting through the minutiae
  • Utilization and payment analysis by payer to compare reimbursements – We’ll ensure that you are maximizing revenues while delivering the best possible care to your patients
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities – Our team has experience in finding ways for healthcare organizations to streamline processes and grow their business
  • Identification of threats of unsatisfactory payer contracts – We’ll find contracts that are not beneficial to your organization and make necessary changes
  • Preparation of competitive fee schedule analysis to support optimal rates – Get fair rates and increase revenues
  • Market analysis to present comprehensive proposal to payers – We’ll make sure you are competitive within your industry
  • Negotiation with payers to raise reimbursement rates – Find areas of improvement and streamline processes

Our services will help your organization stay competitive, increase revenues, and eliminate weaknesses. Contact Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors today to learn more.

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Our team provides a wide variety of consulting services for healthcare organizations. These include:

No matter what your organization needs, we can help. If you are struggling with unfair contracts or fees that are hurting your growth, reach out to our team. We’ll thoroughly review your contracts to find weaknesses and re-negotiate to help you succeed. And if you’re looking to grow your organization, our team can help you determine the best avenues for success.

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