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healthcare advisorsLighthouse Healthcare Advisors is made up of industry experts who are committed to helping healthcare systems, organizations, and providers change and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We partner with our clients to assist with management strategy, finance, process improvement, and compliance. If your organization is ready to take the next step, our healthcare advisors can help.

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Our Core Values

In everything we do, Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors aims to provide all of our clients with three things:

  • Vision
  • Direction
  • Success

Our advisors work hard to understand the unique needs of your organization. We cast vision from our first meeting, dedicating time to finding the solutions that will help you streamline processes and meet your operational needs. Our innovative techniques will help your company achieve success.

Each of our clients receives specific direction for where they should go. With our help, it is possible to solve any challenge facing your organization, no matter how complex. We offer educational resources and ongoing support to help you make any necessary changes.

Finally, Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors is committed to success. Our work allows clients to maximize revenue and meet their goals. Our main focus is to lead clients through the diverse challenges of healthcare change and promote lasting success.

How Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors Can Help

Weak links in your healthcare organization are costly and problematic to your operations. The reimbursement model is changing and it has never been more important to balance strategic direction with operational needs. Our advisors dedicate time to understanding your organization and its unique challenges to guide you through implementation of strategic solutions. These solutions will be used to innovate care delivery, integrate technology, and interpret complex metrics to solve your organizational challenges.

Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors works with you to deliver a personalized direction that meets your operational needs through our Healthcare Management consulting services. We provide invaluable leadership to our clients and are trusted advisors in the transitioning healthcare environment.

Our Services

We are passionate about the work we do.

  • Healthcare Management Consulting

    • We help clients streamline processes and implement strategic solutions
  • Risk Adjustment Coding

    • Incorporate patient data into medical coding and do so with confidence with help from our team
  • Coding, Compliance, and Education

    • Through external record review and analysis, we give our clients specific direction to improve medical documentation and coding
  • Contract Review and Fee Negotiating

    • We work with clients to maximize revenue and negotiate with payers to help implement strategic change for success
  • Medical Record Optimization

    • Medical coding is complex and updates occur regularly, but our coding education specialists are AAPC certified with vast experience in coding, auditing, and compliance training
  • Revenue Integrity

    • Our team can support with assessments that provide insight into revenue integrity and accurate payment through analyses of process and compliance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Assessments

    • We’ll help you determine if a new property or expansion will benefit your organization
  • Auditing Physician Notes

    • Find out how to improve processes and increase efficiency

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Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors is a results-oriented team. Our industry experts work one-on-one with clients to provide services targeted to your specific needs. Featuring diverse professional backgrounds, our advisors bring years of experience to deliver a distinct perspective, a dynamic approach, and clear results.

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