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consulting servicesLighthouse Healthcare Advisors offers a wide range of consulting services for organizations in the healthcare industry. Whether you are looking to expand your organization’s offerings, streamline your processes, or increase revenues, LHA’s team of advisors and industry experts will determine the best solutions to help you reach your goals.

Our services include:

  • Healthcare management consulting
  • Risk adjustment coding
  • Coding, compliance, and education
  • Contract review and fee negotiating

Don’t let weaknesses in your organization cause problems. Whether you are struggling with contracts and fees, are going through a period of transition and need management assistance, or are looking to grow your organization significantly, our team can help. From your first consultation, our advisors will work to understand your unique goals. We’ll manage strategic direction with operational needs. We’ll help you implement solutions that might include new technologies, new ways to deliver care, and operational changes.

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Our Consulting Services

Our services can help you overcome a wide variety of operational challenges. Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors offers:

Healthcare Management Consulting

We’ll help you streamline processes so that your team can work more efficiently. The solutions we implement can improve workflow throughout your organization. And with strong support throughout the entire implementation process, you’ll be able to keep your organization working smoothly without interruptions.

Risk Adjustment Coding

We’ll help your organization capture accurate risk scores for each patient and predict future reimbursement. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of risk adjustment coding and how it will benefit your organization.

Coding, Compliance, and Education

We’ll review and analyze your records with impartiality. Our coding professionals will ensure that patient notes are optimal, accurate and compliant. Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors even offers education services to physicians to help improve their documentation practices.

Contract Review and Fee Negotiating

We’ll go through your contracts in detail to find anything that could harm your organization. We work with clients to maximize revenue and negotiate with payers to help implement strategic change for success.

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Our Healthcare and Consulting Services Can Make a Difference

Our consulting team is made up of industry experts. We have experience in leading healthcare organizations to success and can forecast the decisions that will help your business succeed.

We provide operational assessments to assess the health of your organization, revenue cycle, and integrity assessments to give insight into how you can grow your business and can assist in practice management as you go through transitions or periods of growth.

Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors provides consulting services for all of the following specialties:

  • Cardiology
  • Psychiatry and psychology
  • Pain management
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Neurocognitive
  • Allergy
  • Radiology
  • Physician practices
  • Primary care
  • General surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • CHF clinics
  • Wound care clinics
  • Infectious disease
  • GI
  • Home health
  • ASCs
  • FQHCs
  • Urgent care

In addition to our consulting services, Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors provides education services including blogs to keep you informed on important industry topics. Both institutions and individuals can move forward with confidence with help from Lighthouse Healthcare Advisors.

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